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Friday, June 12, 2020

How to measure Core Web Vitals

Want to know about Google’s recent ‘Core Web Vitals’? Thinking about how you can measure them? Then you are in the perfect place. In this article, we will discuss how you can measure ‘Core Web Vitals.’ 
Day by day, Google is developing more tools to help SEOs and site owners measure Core Web Vitals easily. Did you know that Google now has six ways to measure Core Web Vitals? They introduced Core Web Vitals only a few weeks ago. Initially, SEO people were using the Chrome UX report to analyze this. But with the new announcement, companies are adding Core Web Vitals measuring tools. You can contact an SEO company for more information.
What are Core Web Vitals?
Core Web vitals metrics are made to evaluate web design areas that provide an excellent experience to the user. They are made up of three metrics: Largest Contentful Pain (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).
These metrics are designed to provide an efficient way of measuring the significant indicators of UX design and SEO. This would help web developers and online business owners. Google has said that they will be using Core Web Vitals in the search algorithm, so websites should improve in these areas to be successful in the future.
How to measure Core Web Vitals?
The following methods can measure core web vitals:
  • Google Search Console: Search console has a new feature named Core Web Vitals report. This feature would check all the pages across the entire web site to help the owners by evaluating those that are based on real-world data that came from the Chrome UX report. Along with the results, it also shows the pages that have mistakes and need improvements. Make sure the webpage has enough reporting data; otherwise, the page might get omitted during the process.
  • PageSpeed Insights: PageSpeed Insights is another tool introduced by Google to measure the Core Web Vitals in both the lab and field parts of the report. The latest version of PageSpeed Insights uses Lighthouse 6.0 for performing the tasks.
For using this, you have to open the PageSpeed Insights tool webpage and enter the URL of the website you want to check. After the search, the Core Web Vitals are marked with a blue ribbon.
  • Lighthouse: Lighthouse is another useful tool for web developers. It is an automated, open-source tool to improve the quality of WebPages. The latest update, Lighthouse, has been upgraded to Lighthouse 6.0. Several new features have also been added to the newest version. Some of the new features are additional audits, new metrics, and a newly designed performance score. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) were only recently launched for lab execution purposes of Core Web Vitals. They check the WebPages and provide solutions for improving the user experience. Besides these features, Lighthouse has several other tools to help web developers.
  • Chrome UX Report: Chrome UX Report is also referred to as Chrome User Experience Report or CrUX. This report denotes the data related to the real user experience of all the available websites. It is a public dataset. The Chrome UX Report is different from Lighthouse. While Lighthouse analyzes and produces results on lab data, Chrome UX Report analyzes and gives results on real-world data. To measure the field versions of Core Web Vitals, you needed to use the Chrome UX report. Recently, Google has updated the Chrome User Experience report with a new Core Web Vitals starting page.
  • Chrome DevTools: Chrome DevTools helps the site owners to check and solve the issues related to visual instability that can be a part of Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). This tool is one of the best ones developed by Google for measuring the Core Web Vitals. The layout shift in the Summary tab can be used for viewing the details of the layout. You can also visualize the position of the shift by hovering over the moved from and moved to fields.
Total Blocking Time (TBT) is instrumental when one wants to improve the First Input Delay (FID). Chrome DevTools can also be used for measuring Total Blocking Time. Performance Modifications that can improve Total Blocking Time in the lab can also be used to improve the First Input Delay.
  • Web Vitals Extension: Web Vitals Extension is one of the most effective tools offered by Google for measuring Core Web Vitals. This has the capacity to measure all the Core Web Vitals metrics just as Chrome measures them. For using this method, you have to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

These are the six methods Google offers for measuring Core Web Vitals. All of them have different features. You can use one of the ways depending on your needs.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Amazon Alexa Download For Pc Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

The method is sort of just like how we install Amazon Alexa for Pc using Bluestacks. Step 1: Download and Install MemuPlay in your Pc.

You possibly can obtain it from here - Memu Play Official Website. Step 2: Once the emulator is installed, open it and find the Google Playstore app icon on the home display screen. Just click on on it. Step 3: Now search for the Amazon Alexa app on Google play store. Find the official app from Amazon Mobile LLC developer and click on on the Install button. Step 4: Upon profitable installation, yow will discover Amazon Alexa on the home display screen of MEmu Play. MemuPlay is simple and straightforward to make use of an emulator.

Amazon Alexa Download For Pc
Make Video Phone Calls: The Echo Show gadget has to add on the benefit of a two-way video calling with others. Control Your property: It comes with a house assistant gadget that controls your all sensible house issues. Echo Show is suitable for Android, home windows and iOS devices. The Echo Show can be suitable for Alexa Voice Remote. Download the Alexa app from Amazon or from Safari on iOS gadgets. 1. After downloading the Alexa app find a place for Echo Show after plugging it right into a power socket. 2. Once your machine is correctly set up after the greeting message, select the language, time zone.
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Alexa Android APK Download
Amazon at this time launched the Alexa app for Windows 10 PCs via the Microsoft Store. It is able to 1000's of the varied Alexa Skills that the digital assistant has out there. Some duties like video and communication and sure providers like Spotify and Pandora are usually not but supported. Currently, it seems Alexa app for windows 8.1 shall be extra productivity-focused to start, but more providers and options are anticipated to be added. Last 12 months we realized that Microsoft and Amazon had partnered as much as integrating their digital assistants.
You're doubtless conscious of Alexa by Amazon. In other phrases, Alexa is like Cortana on
Windows and Siri on Apple devices. It powers a number of gadgets by Amazon like Echo and Dot. Up till just a few weeks ago, Amazon Alexa was not formally out there to everyone. Alexa was being supplied to choose Windows 10 PCs by select OEMs. Just a few months in the past, we shared with you a workaround to get Amazon Alexa in your Windows 10 Pc. In case you love Alexa, you can be glad to know that you simply no longer want the workaround to get it on your Windows 10 Pc as Amazon Alexa app is formally accessible within the Windows 10 Store.
Alexa is a digital assistant developed by Amazon. setting alarms, enjoying audiobooks, streaming podcasts, and will even provide you with details about sports activities, weather, and other things in real-time. Due to the large demand, the corporation started rolling out Amazon Alexa on Windows 10. As Microsoft has its voice assistant, Cortana, baked right into the Windows 10 operating system. Alexa brings neck to neck competitors to Cortana. But there's an issue - the Amazon Alexa app is proscribed to new laptops and computers built by Acer, Lenovo, and HP.
Just double-click on it to open. You will get the next display. Just click on on the small button to make Alexa take heed to you. Step 12:
You may take heed to music, and do loads of other issues with Amazon Alexa now. Your default microphone can be used for listening. Thus, you must have a working microphone in your system to make use of Amazon Alexa. Alexa will start listening to you when the key mixture is pressed. You are not going to get any Amazon Alexa user interface on this case.
Firstly, Start your windows 10 laptop. In the following step, visit the Microsoft Store located in the taskbar positioned at the bottom of your Windows 10 computer by double-clicking on its icon. Now, find the Alexa app by trying to find it within the search bar you see on the precise-hand side top of your home windows 10 laptop display. After that, click on on the ” Alexa App” icon. Once, downloading is done. You'll be able to click on the “Launch” button once you see Alexa App downloaded on your Windows 10 laptop. Use the login details equivalent to the username and password of your Amazon Account for logging into your Alexa app.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

What does a Cyber Security Specialist do?

In our current reality, where a Security Guard ensures resources and a Bodyguard ensures individuals, a Cyber Security Specialist shields data from robbery, unauthorized duplication, and unapproved to get. They crafted by a Cyber Security Specialist center around discovering dangers and potential holes. Cyber Security Specialists manage to ensure data on PC systems, cloud servers, cell phones, and installment programming, to give some examples. They investigate where these dangers are and create techniques to forestall breaks. Cyber Security Specialists battle against cybercriminals, individuals who utilize the web and different hacking strategies to take touchy or private data from PCs.

Cyber Security Specialist

Like most positions identified with Security, Cyber Security Specialists depend intensely on collaboration because of the vast extent of the Computer Science field and the security quantifies that should apply to it.

What is Cyber Security?

Profession Defined
A security specialist can be characterized as anybody that spends significant time in the security of individuals, resources, systems, broadcast communications frameworks, and IT frameworks. You may be an individual guardian, security watchman, or PC security examiner. You could decide to spend significant time in physical security, personnel security, or cybersecurity. Now and again, you may take on a vocation that incorporates every one of the three territories.

Physical Security

This security specialist centers around keeping unapproved personnel from physically getting to assets, private data, or structures. It could be as necessary as locking an entryway, or it could be as mind-boggling as utilizing alert frameworks and watchman watches.
You'll regularly need to utilize a layered safeguard framework. It implies you'll attempt to postpone and prevent interlopers with locks, doors, and cautions. Alongside that, you'll need to react straightforwardly in trying to get a criminal in the demonstration with assistance from the past strategies.
Most employees can help you with work preparing. It may be a proper study hall experience or it should be possible at work. Preparation incorporates finding out about report composing, open cooperation, emergency treatment, security, and emergency the executives.
It suggests that you have a GED or a secondary school certificate. Any postsecondary instruction is essential, particularly in criminal equity or police science. In case you're taking a gander at significant level employment in physical security, you're doubtlessly required to have a proper degree and work understanding.
Career Options
In this field, you have a few alternatives. Security protects one popular option. In this job, you'd be procured on to protect such settings as business edifices, shopping centers, skyscraper high rises, or schools. In case you're directing more prominent properties, you may approach more innovation and a more significant group of watchmen.
Other professional decisions incorporate protected vehicle gatekeepers and gaming reconnaissance officials. If you're in the previous vocation, at that point, you'll work with banks to move and shield cash as it's shipped starting with one area then onto the next. If you're associated with the last occupation, at that point, you'll help secure gambling clubs during money related trades.

Individual Security

Significant and prominent people rely on close to home security specialists to guard them consistently. You may work to shield a well-known star from disappointed fans or a legislator from death endeavors. As a security specialist in this field, you'll have to keep mindful of your surroundings at unsurpassed.
On the off chance that anything odd comes up, you should know about it and respond suitably. Acting protectively and in a preventive way can assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from mishaps for your customers. At the point when a desperate circumstance arises, you'll have the option to react rapidly to guard the customer.
You should seek police or military foundation before engaging in close to home security. A large number of you can learn helpful abilities in those fields that you can later apply to individual safety. The instruction and preparing necessities fluctuate intensely since the requirements of managers can contrast, starting with one then onto the next.
The more touchy the activity, the more preparing is required. You may get work preparing if the business has a few protectors or an individual security group. Postsecondary instruction in criminal equity or police science can be advantageous.
Career Options
In close to home security, you have a few choices. You may discover all-day work as a guardian with a customer. You can likewise work in an escort way for a security firm. In these circumstances, you enlisted low maintenance to go about as a guardian for a customer during a particular situation. At the point when your time with that individual finished, you'll move onto the following client your firm allots to you.

Cyber Security

As improvement turns out to be increasingly accessible in the data age, an interest has ascended to ensure PCs, systems, and information. You'll acclimate yourself with infections and different types of cyber assaults to figure out how to counter, forestall, and fix normal harms. You will likely protect your manager's computerized data.
A college degree is the prescribed measure of preparation for passage level positions. When you complete your degree, you can seek after affirmation to show your qualifications to businesses. One such accreditation is the Cisco Certified Network Associate Security offered by Cisco.
Excellent educations can require in case you're hoping to acquire an administrative position. A business may offer to prepare through acclimating you with explicit programming or equipment the organization employments.
Career Options
You could be procured on in other security positions to help with cybersecurity, yet regularly, you'll obtain a place that exclusively centers around your PC assurance obligations. Numerous PC vocations like database overseer and system manager include working in cybersecurity. For a profession entirely devoted to cybersecurity, you'll need to turn into a PC security specialist.
In this job, you'll ensure your boss' data by keeping up and organizing security endeavors, similar to programming establishment and system checking. On the off chance that a cyber assault can't forestall, you'll be available to deal with the circumstance effectively. Sponsorship up your boss' data is another obligation you'll have to perform to guarantee that in the direst outcome imaginable, you don't lose all that you're attempting to ensure.

Cyber Security Specialist Training Requirements

Individuals keen on fill in as PC security specialists need some preparation past secondary school. A four-year certification in software engineering suggested. PC security specialists must be comfortable with an assortment of systems administration advances, for example, TCP/IP, Windows NT, and Unix. They should have an intensive comprehension of PC programming, and they ought to be prepared to hazard the board. PC security specialists should likewise have the option to convey specialized data unmistakably and briefly.
International Information Systems Security Certification The consortium, a not-for-profit enterprise, grants a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) accreditation to people who finish a test on PC security methods. Such accreditations improve a potential worker's possibilities extraordinarily.

Cyber Security Specialist Working Conditions

PC security specialists work in wonderful, well-kept up workplaces, and they, for the most part, work a forty-hour week or more. They may work flexible hours and be on consistent calls to deal with crises. Due to the elevated level of obligation, the activity can be exceptionally distressing. PC security specialists face twin dangers from other PC laborers, including eye fatigue, carpal passage disorder, and spinal pain.

Getting a Cyber Security Specialist job

IT Security Specialist Jobs are procured by partnerships and foundations requiring their administrations and by independent counseling firms. Occupations are posted on the Internet by gatherings, for example, the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and Information Systems Auditing and Control Association (ISACA). Positions additionally are publicized in exchange distributions.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Change iPad battery: Here are your 3 options

The iPad battery does not have a long and long life. It will work for several years and then die. When his health begins to deteriorate, you will start to have problems. The battery can discharge faster than usual. Your iPad may shut down unexpectedly. The battery can only be charged when it is connected. If the battery is completely discharged, you can no longer use other functions of your device. Your iPad becomes as useless as a battery. Instead of waiting for the DEAD mark, it is better to change the iPad battery at the first sign of a battery problem. In this way, you can use your device without disruptive interruptions.

Have you decided on a new battery or your iPad? Let's see how the battery can be replaced.

Apple stores whether there is still a guarantee for the iPad

Make an appointment with the Apple Store in your area if your iPad still has a limited Apple warranty. The store will replace the battery for free. In addition, if you bring your device to the store, you do not have to worry about inferior services or the use of inferior spare parts. The local technician will only replace the old battery with the original battery. However, the Apple Store is not expected to replace the battery in a few hours. This is a busy place where a large number of repair requests are received. Even a simple service like replacing an iPad battery can take up to five working days.

Third-party service center if the iPad is not covered by the Apple warranty

Has the warranty for your iPad expired? In this case, the Apple Store charges a high battery replacement fee. You can deliver your device to the store even if you don't pay attention to excessive warranty fees, long journeys, and queues. But if you don't mind there is a second option for you. You can use the help of a third-party service center. In such centers, repair specialists typically replace your iPad's battery within an hour. They'll also charge you less than in Apple stores. Some famous centers offer a free shuttle service and a shuttle service. However, you can't trust a third-party center like you trust an Apple store. You must first make sure that it is safe, reliable, and has a team of trained technicians. Before you transfer the iPad, you should find out whether it uses original Apple components or not.

Do it yourself if you want to save

If you want to save on repairs, replace the iPad battery yourself. You can buy the necessary tools and a new battery online, and then follow the instructions in the online self-help guides to replace the battery. However, the do it yourself option is very risky if you don't have the skills or have never taken a risk on your iPad.

A little mistake can ruin your iPad. Trust the best-trained experts for the replacement of iPad batteries in the Apple Store or in a third party.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Why is a mobile app required?

Mobile app development is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Currently, many startups and companies implement their company's mobile programs in order to improve their activities and attract more customers to the company. The smartphone application plays a very important role in business growth and effective communication with your customers. For example, users can pay their bills or bank statements with one click using a smartphone application.

mobile app

These smart applications can be developed on mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows.

Android Mobile Application Development

In the field of mobile application development, smartphones prevail. 84.7% of all smartphones are Android devices.

Creating an Android application without solving real problems, or because it is a current trend, is a waste of time and effort. When you decide to develop mobile applications for Android for business, it is important to understand how to properly use this application and make a profit for the business, helping to improve some business processes.

Android application development is just an innovative step in the direction of mobile technology. Developing an Android application requires one basic thing: great imagination With the existing imagination, an Android application can work wonders. An application created after careful consideration will definitely bring tangible benefits to the client.

Post - share your thoughts in a simple and creative way, creating postcards. We encourage people to write thoughts, think creatively and not stop writing

Technology and Innovation

With the growth of Android and cloud applications, there are other advantages for separating learning from unique technologies such as payment gateways, the Internet of things, applications for smart QR code readers and augmented reality. The people who develop and use these technologies work to share, train, collaborate and develop information that will bring further innovation to the mobile application industry.

Want to learn something about innovative research or the idea of ​​advice?

Mokhtashim | Technology is my passion, and I encourage innovation. Over the past 5 years, I have experience and deep knowledge in the field of mobile information technologies and embedded systems. Basic experience in developing Android applications, including Eclipse, Android Studio, GIT, academic knowledge in the field of software quality assurance in accordance with ISO / IEC 9126-2, professional experience in managing software, providing payment gateways with Payfort SDK, QR scanner code and user interface design.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

3 very effective ways to earn extra money

In today's climate of rising unemployment, rising inflation, and depressed economies, people are desperately looking for ways to earn extra money. These include housewives with liquidity problems, students and even retirees who want to supplement their small pensions. Here are 3 simple but effective ways to start this journey of additional income from today.

1 - Post your way to the dollars.

Many people are unaware that they can be paid to post on forums. Some forum owners will be happy to pay people to start discussions, post comments, and respond to other discussions in order to get action and strengthen their forum topics. As the popularity of the forum increases in the public domain, the level of publication increases until paid publications are not necessary, but if the quality of the writing is good, continuous retention is very possible.

Forum topics are very diverse and there is probably a forum for almost every conceivable topic. Usually, a paid poster must have at least some knowledge of the subject in order to post relevant comments. Very often, a minimum number of words is stipulated for publications, with 100 to 200 words as a guide. Unfortunately, a publication like "I agree", "Me too" and "Thank you for the information" is too short and adds no value to the discussion. Posting in forums doesn't pay much, but when you look for jobs on websites related to Internet marketing, for example, you can pay a reasonable amount.

2 - Write articles to pay

There are many websites that pay for content. Some sites require that you publish your article first and wait for a buyer to come and buy your articles.

One of these sites is called Associated Content and its payment rates can vary from a minimum of $3 to $50 per 500-word article. Articles can also be sent exclusively, which means that they will not be published or published elsewhere. Alternatively, they may not be exclusive, which means that you have already used the article elsewhere.

Usually, these sites take a few days to review the article and make the offer. It is not explicitly required to accept the offer and you can withdraw the item if you wish. It then takes other days for the article to be published and payment must be made soon after.

3 - Affiliate programs and commissions

Here, you simply sell someone else's product through your marketing efforts, whether it's a blog, website, or physical brochure, and receive a commission when the sale is complete. Most of these products are informative, whether it's an e-course, software, or an eBook, the content of which is usually in a downloadable format. Many affiliate products pay more than 50% commission and some even reach 80%. Smart product owners offer banners, buttons, sales copies, and items you can use to promote your product or service.

ClickBank is one of the more established programs, but there are many other online product providers who are looking for affiliates to market on their behalf. You can also become an affiliate to sell books and consumer products such as jewelry, televisions, and other electronic products. The commission percentage is much lower, but often the retail price is high enough to compensate. The quickest way to make money by selling affiliate products is to think about the discussion groups and online forums to which you already belong. What are the typical questions that are asked and are there specific problems for which people need a solution? What are the hot topics and trends that can be combined with the products available?

Are you still looking for ways to earn extra money? Do not be fooled by so-called gurus who know nothing about making money online. Just go to PPT. This site will give you practical advice on how to earn extra money without lint.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Govt. Job Corner Launches Country Wide Time Table : Press Release List